W&J PharmaChem, Inc. manufactures and distributes valuable research chemicals to support developing science and emerging applications. We are a leading R&D and manufacturing facility of benzothiazoles based building blocks and a reliable supplier of special amino acids, research nucleosides and many other reagents having diverse uses in materials science, biological and pharmaceutical R&D.

We also manage major custom projects via best combination of technical prowess and cost benefit.


International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry

W&J PharmaChem, Inc. is a proud sponsor of ISHC which will take place in Santa Barbara (CA, USA) on Aug 23, 2015.

Partner with J&K Scientific

We are pleased to partner with J&K Scientific (www.jkchemical.com) and better serve the US market with significantly broadened topline chemicals, reagents and lab equipment.

Visit us every day as newly featured chemicals are continuously made available to benefit our research community.