W&J PharmaChem, Inc. provides high quality and uniquely featured chemical reagents, including unnatural amino acids, nucleosides, benzothiazoles, aminothiophenols, pyridines, heterocyclic compounds, research pharmaceuticals, small molecule building blocks for drug design and medicinal chemistry optimization as well as dyestuffs used in biological laboratory staining and imaging studies.

These and many other useful in-stock items are essential and widely used in the development of innovative pharmaceuticals and other performance products.

Through strategic alliances with leading suppliers in the consolidation of dynamic and interactive distribution and service capabilities, our products and services aim to better meet all your R&D needs in speed, quality and economics.

  • Our product list contains over 18,000+ materially/structurally pure organic chemical reagents and reference standards. Use both on-line text and structure search functions to aid easy item selections. Visit us often as the list is growing constantly.

  • In meeting broad biochemical research needs, we also supply tools to support life science lab activities and applications.

  • These products include buffer solutions, fluorescent probes, pegylation reagents, enzyme substrates and ligands, etc. to support research, development and applications.
  • We ensure professional packaging and speedy/safe delivery of products domestically and internationally.

    We apply standard and special discounts to many our products, ensuring the highest value on the market.


    COVID-19 Pandemic

    We continue to provide chemicals needed for research and development. However, please check the prices before placing orders. The prices may have been changed due to the changes in logistics. Together, we will go through this. Stay well.

    NIH Research Festival Exhibit

    Come and Join US at: 30th National Institutes of Health Research Festival Exhibit-booth # 111.
    September 15-16, 2016.

    Partnering with Field Leaders

    For product innovation, variety, speed, price competitiveness and better overall service quality through our business brand.

    International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry

    W&J PharmaChem, Inc. is a proud sponsor of ISHC which will take place in Santa Barbara (CA, USA) on Aug 23, 2015.