Structure Details
Product Name: Atazanavir
Order number: 100087
CAS: 198904-31-3
Purity: >=95%
Appearance: solid
MF: C38H52N6O7
MW: 704.869
MP: 207-209 (M.I.) oC

This compound is an enzyme inhibitor of protease found in HIV virus.
Product Name: Cefixime
Order number: 100996
CAS: 79350-37-1
Purity: 90%
Appearance: solid
MF: C16H15N5O7S2
MW: 453.444
MP: 250 (M.I.) oC

This compound binds to penicillin-binding proteins located inside bacteria cell wall.
Product Name: Clonidine hydrochloride
Order number: 100197
CAS: 4205-90-7
Purity: >=95%
Appearance: solid
MF: C9H10Cl3N3
MW: 266.55
MP: 305 (M.I.) oC

This compound stimulates alfa 2 adrenoceptor pre-synaptically to relax blood vessel and manage hypertension.
Product Name: Clotrimazole
Order number: 100201
CAS: 23593-75-1
Purity: >=95%
Appearance: solid
MF: C22H17ClN2
MW: 344.842
MP: 147-149 (M.I.) oC

This compound can pass fungal cytoplasmic membrane barrier and inhibit ergosterol synthesis.
Product Name: Dantrolene
Order number: 100212
CAS: 7261-97-4
Purity: >=95%
Appearance: solid
MF: C14H10N4O5
MW: 314.257
MP: 279-280 (M.I.) oC

This compound binds to muscular ryanodine receptor 1 thereby decreasing intracellular calcium concentration.
Product Name: Desloratadine
Order number: 100219
CAS: 100643-71-8
Purity: >=95%
Appearance: solid
MF: C19H19ClN2
MW: 310.825
MP: 150-151 (M.I.) oC

This antihistamine compound does not pass BBB.