Research Pharmaceuticals and Intermediates

Pharmaceuticals are useful tools for mechanism of action studies in many ways. Beside being enzyme inhibitors, receptor agonists or antagonists, channel blockers, neurotransmitters themselves, they are used to compare and define other emerging compounds for their prospective applications.

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  • Structure Details
    Product Name: Anagrelide
    Order number: 101037
    CAS: 68475-42-3
    Purity: >=95%
    Appearance: solid
    MF: C10H7Cl2N3O
    MW: 256.086
    MP: >280 (M.I.) oC

    This substance inhibit the maturation of platelets from megakaryocytes.
    Product Name: Erlotinib
    Order number: 100779
    CAS: 183319-69-9
    Purity: >=95%
    Appearance: solid
    MF: C22H24ClN3O4
    MW: 429.901
    MP: 228-230 (M.I.) oC

    It is in the tyrosine kinase receptor inhibitor class of medications.
    Product Name: SB203580
    Order number: 101038
    CAS: 152121-47-6
    Purity: >=95%
    Appearance: solid
    MF: C21H16FN3OS
    MW: 377.437
    MP: n.a. oC

    This substance is a highly selective inhibitor of p38 MAP kinase, competing with ATP for binding to p38.