Research Pharmaceuticals and Intermediates

Pharmaceuticals are useful tools for mechanism of action studies in many ways. Beside being enzyme inhibitors, receptor agonists or antagonists, channel blockers, neurotransmitters themselves, they are used to compare and define other emerging compounds for their prospective applications.

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  • Structure Details
    Product Name: Desoximetasone
    Order number: 100222
    CAS: 382-67-2
    Purity: >=95%
    Appearance: solid
    MF: C22H29FO4
    MW: 376.468
    MP: 217 (M.I.) oC

    This anti-inflammatory compound is a corticosteroid hormone receptor agonist.
    Product Name: Docetaxel
    Order number: 100245
    CAS: 114977-28-5
    Purity: >=95%
    Appearance: solid
    MF: C43H53NO14
    MW: 807.89
    MP: 232 (M.I.) oC

    This inhibitor of microtubular deploymerization also interacts with bcl-2/bcl-xL gene expression.
    Product Name: Donepezil
    Order number: 100248
    CAS: 120014-06-4
    Purity: >=95%
    Appearance: solid
    MF: C24H29NO3
    MW: 379.5
    MP: 211-212 (M.I.) oC

    This compound inhibits the acetylcholinesterase reversibly and enhances cholinergic transmission.
    Product Name: Gadodiamide
    Order number: 100348
    CAS: 122795-43-1
    Purity: >=95%
    Appearance: solid
    MF: C16H26Gd3N5O8(-2)
    MW: 888.162
    MP: n.a. oC

    When placed in a magnetic field, gadodiamide shortens both the T1 and T2 relaxation times where it accumulates.
    Product Name: Gefitinib
    Order number: 100356
    CAS: 184475-35-2
    Purity: >=95%
    Appearance: solid
    MF: C22H24ClFN4O3
    MW: 446.907
    MP: 119-120(M.I.) oC

    This EGFR inhibitor inhibits autophosphorylation and downstream singaling pathways, leading induction of apoptosis.
    Product Name: Lopinavir
    Order number: 100437
    CAS: 192725-17-0
    Purity: >=95%
    Appearance: solid
    MF: C37H48N4O5
    MW: 628.814
    MP: 124-127 (M.I.) oC

    This compound is a HIV retroviral protease inhibitor. It prevents protealysis of the Gag polyprotein, thereby affecting viral maturation. It was used in SARS-CoV 2 studies.